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Knights of Columbus Developmental Center | Autism Center | St. Louis 


In 1981, the Missouri Knights of Columbus established the first developmental center in the region dedicated to children with special needs. The Knights of Columbus Developmental Center grew from a small, staff of three to a team of experts in developmental pediatrics, neurology, genetics, psychiatry, psychology, nurse practitioner, clinical nurses, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, family resource specialist, education coordinator, our research team and support staff.

In 2007, the Knights of Columbus was designated as a Missouri Center for Autism by the Department of Mental Health. Our efforts have contributed to the statewide development of best practices for screening and treatment guidelines for autism spectrum disorders.

In May 2013, we moved into our new dedicated space at 3800 Park Avenue, right next to SSM Cardinal Glennon's main hospital. This beautiful space is more convenient for the patients and families we serve.

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If you have a concern about your child’s development or want to find out more about the Knights of Columbus Developmental Center, please call 314-577-5609. 


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