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Ryleigh is on the move! 

When Ron and Carmen found out that their first born had spina bifida they hunted for answers and found them at the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute. After being presented with all of the options the Rowe's determined that the best choice for them was for their daughter Ryleigh to have the spina bifida repaired after she was born. 

Because of the eligibility criteria, along with the risks associated with fetal myelomeningocele repair, many parents follow the same course as the Rowes. 

"Our goal is to provide all of our families with as many options as possible so they can make the right choice for their family," says Fetal Care Institute Director Dr. Mike Vlastos.  

Click here to see a recent video about Ryleigh's amazing progress that was filmed in their hometown of Columbia for a local magazine!

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