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Maternal Anesthesia 

Anesthesia Partners, Ltd., is a group of anesthesiologists (physicians) and nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) who provide analgesia and anesthesia to more than 3,000 women annually who deliver at St. Mary's Health Center, and SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center. 

Many of our obstetrical patients are high-risk, which may include medical conditions such as diabetes, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and morbid obesity. Our team offers unique expertise in obstetrical anesthesia, is involved in management of high-risk pregnancies, and are available for pre-delivery consultation. We are available in the hospital 24-hours a day to provide care for obstetric and non-obstetric patients.  The philosophy of the team is oriented toward offering pregnant woman choices regarding pain relief during labor and toward making the labor experience as natural and normal as possible. 

For labor anesthesia, we emphasize epidural and spinal techniques that minimize motor block so the patient has the ability to push well during labor.  For the maintenance of our labor block, we use patient-controlled epidural pain relief.  This gives the patient control regarding how much anesthetic agent she receives.  

Pregnant women undergoing surgery require special attention.  During labor, emergencies such as fetal distress, maternal bleeding, and prolapsed cord demand immediate anesthesia.  If cesarean section proves necessary, we emphasize techniques such as spinals and epidurals; however, in certain emergency or non-emergency situations, including EXIT procedures, general anesthesia may become absolutely necessary.  

What to Expect:  


Your anesthesia team will meet with you, evaluate your  condition, and formulate an anesthetic plan that is right for you.  


Advanced technology is used to monitor you and your baby's functions. Your anesthesia team will interpret those sophisticated monitors in to appropriately diagnose, regulate, and treat you and your baby, while a personalized, delicate balance of anesthetic medications are administered.  


Your anesthesia team will monitor you and your baby during recovery while you wake up from surgery.

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