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Suzanne Pyle

Fetal Care Nurse

Suzanne Pyle is a clinical nurse with the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute. She has a diverse nursing background that includes work in six NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) around the country, and in the Labor and Delivery Department at a major medical center.

She grew up in the St. Louis area and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Louis University. Following graduation she worked in the St. Louis area, then became a traveling nurse where she gained experience at hospitals around the country.

 “My goal is to provide our mothers and families enough support, understanding, and resources to make a very difficult journey a little bit easier,” says Suzanne.

When she is not working with families at the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute, Suzanne enjoys spending time with her husband Chris and their family and friends. She also like to cook, bake and travel.