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Sister Judy Carron

Footprints Coordinator
Sister Judy Carron is one of the coordinators of the Footprints program, a program at Cardinal Glennon for any child dealing with a complex illness.  Footprints coordinators meet with families before the baby’s birth, keep in contact with families after the birth, and serve as support system and advocate both before and after the baby is born.
Sister Judy Carron, a Sister of Mercy, has worked as a nurse and chaplain in pediatrics for many years, and loves her job as Footprints coordinator.  She has learned so much from children and families about what is important in life, especially that life is precious and that we should never take it for granted.  She learns from her patients the greatness and strength of the human spirit.
She encourages patients to bring a list of questions and to feel free to ask about any concern they have.  She has always been drawn to the field of maternal-fetal medicine because she believes life is sacred and is a gift, no matter how fragile or how small.  She loves helping parents be involved with their babies in the womb and celebrate their baby, no matter what the circumstances.
Outside of work, Sister Judy Carron lives with two other Sisters of Mercy in Kirkwood, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  In addition, she loves being outside, planting flowers, walking her dog, watching Cardinal baseball, and learning about current affairs.