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ComprehensiveThe St. Louis Fetal Care Institute is the leading comprehensive fetal care center in Middle America.


Whether your unborn baby needs coordination of complex care or open fetal surgery, our team of highly skilled physicians, specialists and nurses has the experience that you and your baby deserve.

The St. Louis Fetal Care Institute is generously
supported by a grant from the Saigh Foundation.


We are parents, we are physicians; we are a team who is here for you.
The compassionate care you will find at the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute will guide you through the journey of your unique pregnancy and birth.
We take the time to listen, answer your questions, and help you find the solutions that are best for your family.
The first of its kind.
These are words that are often spoken at the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute.
As a leader in innovative technology, fetal intervention and
fetal surgery, the team at FCI will work to find a way to help your baby, even if it hasn’t been done before.