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Fetal Care

Medical/Ethical Review Board

At the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute, we always make sure that your health, safety and comfort come first. We have a diverse team that meets regularly to discuss the scientific and ethical issues related fetal intervention.  The team was designed to ensure that the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute aligns with the mission and values of SSM Health Care.

Our Medical/Ethical Review Board ensures that fetal intervention:

      Is based on scientifically sound evidence

      Provides maximal fetal benefit with minimal risk to the mother

      Is performed with the highest ethical standards of care

Members of the Review Board:

Dennis Vane, MD

Robert Fleming, MD

Michael Panicola, PhD
Corporate Vice President of Ethics, SSM Health Care

William Holcomb Jr., MD
SSM Maternal Fetal Medicine

Pam Lesser, RNC-AWH, MS
Director, Labor and Delivery and Mother-Baby
SSM St. Mary's Health Center



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