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Fetal Care

Life Threatening Cyst Removed From Airway of Unborn Baby



Dr. Yang (center) and the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute team performed an EXIT procedure to remove a cyst from the airway of an unborn baby.

     The St. Louis Fetal Care Institute team completed its first EXIT procedure on Dec. 4, removing a life-threatening cyst from the airway of a baby before she was even born.

     Doctors perform an EXIT procedure when there is a problem with the baby which will be life-threatening immediately after birth. In order to prevent a crisis at birth, doctors deliver the baby partially through a cesarean section, and the baby remains connected to the placenta via the umbilical cord. While mom provides support to the baby's vital functions, doctors surgically repair the issue threatening the baby's life. The umbilical cord is then clamped, and the baby is delivered completely.

     "The baby's head and arm were delivered and while an IV was placed, the cyst was opened and drained," said Ed Yang, MD, Co-Director of the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute. "Draining the cyst allowed us to easily place a breathing tube, and when all was safe, the cord was cut, and the baby was given to the neonatologists for further care."

     Dr. Yang reports that both mom and baby are doing well.


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