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Welcome to Grand Central

Grand Central is here to keep you updated and informed about the Grand Bridge project and any directions you may need to get around the construction and to Cardinal Glennon safely.

The Grand Bridge demolition and construction will ultimately result in a safer, more modern bridge with enhanced room for drivers, pedestrians and public transportation. It will be an attractive, historic-looking bridge that significantly beautifies the neighborhood and enhances the scenery for employees and families who use it to travel to Cardinal Glennon.

Thank you for your patience and continuous support during during this community improvement project. After all, the sun never sets on progress.



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The Grand Bridge is getting a new look

Cardinal Glennon is a beautiful hospital for kids and soon, we’ll have an attractive main thoroughfare to match.

The Grand Boulevard construction project will result in a bridge that is safer and more efficient—but also, a beautiful addition to the Cardinal Glennon and Saint Louis University community.

Designers modeled the new structure after the original Grand Boulevard bridge, an iconic monument that was demolished in 1962.

The bridge will boast a decorative planter in the middle of the street to enhance the structure’s appearance and hopefully discourage jaywalkers from crossing the busy street.
As a nod to the historic structure, the new Grand Boulevard will have four 57-foot towers constructed of brick and steel.

“At Cardinal Glennon, we’re providing world-class care to families who sometimes travel a long way to reach our expert doctors,” said Sherlyn Hailstone, president of Cardinal Glennon. “This beautiful new bridge will significantly enhance our neighborhood and help reinforce our message to these families that they’ve come to the best place to receive their care.”