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southern illinois perinatal program 

 2014 Southern Illinois Perinatal Network Conference 

The 30th Annual conference!

Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014  |  7:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.


2014 Southern Illinois Perinatal Network Conference, Sept. 17


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Up to 5.0 hours of Nursing and Early Intervention Credits are available to health care professionals.

CME are not available to physicians, but a certificate of attendance will be awarded.

Location and lodging



General Session Speakers


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Faculty and Committee Members 




Location and lodging

Conference location

The Regency Conference Center at the Hilton Garden Inn
360 Regency Park Drive, O’Fallon, Illinois 62269

Lodging options

By phone

Group Code: SSM14

Enter the dates needed, Click MORE OPTIONS, Click ADD SPECIAL RATE CODES, in the Group Code Box enter: SSM14,

Conference rates are available for reservations made on or before Aug. 25.

Participants are encourages to bring a light jacket or sweater.

For more information, contact Patti Oberkirsch at 314-577-5317.


This conference is designed to update nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, family medicine physicians, early intervention providers and other health care providers on current issues in  the clinical practice of obstetrics and newborn care. By attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Delineate basic ethical principles that provide a framework for ethical decision making; outline a process and key factors for ethical decision making; and discuss ethical issues in cases in perinatal health care.
  • Identify the signs of stress in a preterm infant; discuss developmental milestones and red flags; and describe routine-based intervention strategies to help support the development of the preterm infant.
  • Discuss the benefits of skin-to skin and the evidence behind the practice; summarize the importance of supportive breastfeeding practices in the hospital; and describe simple no-cost techniques that address insufficient milk production and inadequate milk intake.
  • Discuss underlying physiology for complex EFM tracings; outline management for Category I, II and III EFM tracings; and differentiate maternal vs. fetal heart rate with signal ambiguity.
  • Describe what the diagnosis of maternal diabetes means to the fetus and newborn; discuss complications related to the birth of the LGA infant; and determine whether or not there are more LGA infants being born today.
  • Discuss the epidemiology and impact of drug use on the maternal-infant dyad during and after pregnancy; identify and manage drug withdrawal from the most commonly abused drugs; and describe new methods of supporting the maternal-infant dyad to optimize outcomes.
  • Describe the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment for an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) in the parturient; describe the animal and human experiments behind the development of the “A-OK” treatment protocol for AFE; and explain how “A-OK” may be an effective successful treatment method.
  • Identify the characteristics of infant massage; identify the benefits of infant massage for babies and parents/caregivers; and identify conditions that require modification of the massage techniques.
  • Describe the effects of domestic violence (DV) on women’s risk behaviors during pregnancy; define reproductive coercion and its connection to DV; describe the effects of DV on birth outcomes, breastfeeding, postpartum depression, attachment and infant development.
  • Discuss congenital heart defects and the challenges to identifying effected infants; describe techniques for pulse oximetry screening; and discuss the utility and  limitations of pulse oximetry screening.
  • Demonstrate physical and emotional labor support techniques; discuss incorporating  learned strategies into practice; and work with other professionals to build hands-on labor management skills.
  • Describe environmental factors early in life that impact brain development in children; identify the critical importance of caregiver support in the development of the human brain; and discuss ways to apply these findings to early and preventive interventions.
  • Discuss the changes in terminology and definitions for the diagnosis and management of preeclampsia; discuss management of hypertension in pregnancy; and describe real world application of the new guidelines.
  • Achieve success through specific action-oriented, goal-centered steps; gain tools to enhance your career, relationships, health and well-being.


7:15 – 8:00 a.m. REGISTRATION

8:00 – 8:15 a.m. WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS - Robyn Gude, RN, MSN


“Ethics in Perinatal Care”
Michael Panicola, PhD
Dr. Panicola will explore various ethical issues in perinatal health care today. We will begin with a brief overview of key ethical principles and a process for ethical decision making. We will then move to a review and discussion of cases that highlight significant ethical issues in perinatal health care. (EI)

9:15 – 9:45 a.m. BREAK/EXHIBITS

9:45 – 10:45 a.m. CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS

  1. “ Hypertension in Pregnancy”
    Thinh Nguyen, MD
    The updated ACOG guidelines for management and treatment of preeclampsia and hypertension in pregnancy will be discussed. The scientific rationale regarding the guideline changes and real-world application of these changes will be outlined.
  2. “ Neonatal Drug Withdrawal: Updates in Management”
    Kimberly Spence, MD
    Drug use in pregnancy is on the rise. Come learn how to identify and manage neonatal drug withdrawal from some of the most commonly abused drugs as well as learn how to better support the maternal-infant dyad during this critical time.
  3. “ Impact of Domestic Violence During Pregnancy and Infancy”
    Christen R. Brockner, MA, LPC, ICDVP
    This presentation will address the impact domestic violence (DV) has on pregnant women and their children, both in terms of direct impact on the baby’s development as well as indirect impact through the mother’s increased risk behaviors. Participants will explore the impact DV has on birth outcomes, breastfeeding attachment, and postpartum depression. The presentation will also address the impact of continued violence during the first few months of a child’s life and how all of this may impact their physical and mental health. (EI)
  4. “ Infant Massage: Bundles of Benefits for Babies and Caregivers”
    Lynn Barts, MA, CIMI
    Babies are born to connect! Infant massage can assist parents and other caregivers in relating with their baby, reading their babies’ cues, providing relief, and fostering relaxation. Each one is important in supporting mutual enjoyment of the parent-child relationship. Come explore the multiple benefits for both baby and caregiver through the magic of loving touch. Specialized topics such as prematurity and the growing child will be explored. (EI)

    10:45 – 11:00 a.m. BREAK/EXHIBITS

    11:00 – 12:00 p.m. CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS
  5. “ Critical Thinking with Complex Fetal Heart Rate Tracings”
    Carol Burke, MSN, APRN/CNS, RNC-OB, C-EFM
    Complex EFM tracings compel multidisciplinary interpretation and management decisions. This presentation will present selected case studies of complex tracings and outline management decisions based on the best evidence available.
  6. “ Update on Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease”
    Sherrie M. Hauft, MD
    Congenital heart malformations are the most common life-threatening birth defect. Screening for the most severe forms of these defects, critical congenital heart disease (CCHD), can be achieved using pulse oximetry in the newborn nursery. The rationale for screening, technique, outcomes and limitations of this screening test will be presented.
  7. “ My Signs and Signals: Preterm Infant Supports”
    Jennifer Barrett-Zitkus, MEd
    Preterm infants are vulnerable to stress and sensory overload which can impact their overall development. This presentation will describe the signs and signals of stress and sensory overload. A comprehensive review of developmental milestones, common red flags and intervention strategies will be explored.(EI)
  8. “ Newborns: The Bigger the Better?”
    Patricia Nash, RNC, NNP, MSN
    This presentation will focus on the infants of diabetic mothers (IDM) and large for gestational age (LGA) infants. The goal is to prepare the caregiver for the potential complications related to both diagnoses.

    12:00 – 12:15 pm BREAK/EXHIBITS

    12:15 – 1:15 pm LUNCH
    Lunch will be served in the Tuscan Ballroom West
    Exhibits / Attendance Prizes

    1:30 – 2:30 pm CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS
  9. “ HELP! My patient doesn’t want an epidural!”
    Alisa M. Williams, RN, MSN, IBCLC, RLC
    The trend of low intervention or natural childbirth is on the rise. Research supports that this type of birth is safe for low risk mothers and infants and promotes a high degree of satisfaction among mothers with their birth experience. This interactive session will review position changes, massage, aromatherapy, music, relaxation techniques, environment, the birthing ball, partner support and other self-managed comfort techniques to assist with pain control. You will not sit in this session; you will practice and demonstrate the techniques as you learn them.
  10. “ Breastfeeding Bedside Care and the Golden Hour”
    Diane Bibb, MSN, RNC, IBCLC
    Care provided in the first few days postpartum sets the stage for breastfeeding success. Early skin-to-skin contact and a few simple no-cost techniques can solve many breastfeeding problems. These techniques give nurses the tools to empower mothers, help them establish a good milk supply, and provide adequate intake for baby.
  11. “ Early Experience and Brain Development”
    Joan Luby, MD
    This presentation will review data from a longitudinal study of childhood brain development. The effects of maternal support during the preschool period on the development of key areas of the brain involved in memory and emotion regulation will be reviewed. The talk will focus on the importance of early caregiving relationships on child health and well-being generally. (EI)
  12. “ Amniotic Fluid Embolism”
    Barbara Leighton, MD
    This presentation will look at the rare obstetric emergency of amniotic fluid embolism in the parturient. The animal and human experiments behind the development of the “A-OK” treatment protocol with be described along with a discussion of how “A-OK” may be an effective, successful treatment method for the patient experiencing an amniotic fluid embolus.

2:30 – 2:45 p.m. BREAK

2:45 – 3:45 p.m. CLOSING KEYNOTE

“ The Power of One”
Susan O’Leary
Susan O’Leary enjoyed a thriving marriage, six healthy children and a vibrant community. She lived an idyllic life - until a tragic event shook it to its foundation. Her nine year old son, John, was burned on 100% of his body in a house fire and was not expected to survive. The fire explosion changed her life, but did not sway her resolve. Amidst fire and disease she found hope and joy. Join Susan and learn about the Power of One.

3:45 p.m. ADJOURNMENT 

General Session Speakers

Michael Panicola, PhD

Michael Panicola, PhD is the senior vice president for mission, legal and government affairs for SSM Health Care. He started with SSM as an ethics consultant in 1998 and has also  served as corporate vice president for ethics and social responsibility. Mike earned a PhD in health-care ethics from St. Louis University, a master of arts in systematic theology from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona.

He served as a Baldrige Award examiner in 2008 and 2010; has published more than 45 articles in health care journals; is the lead author of an introductory text on health care ethics, which is currently in its second edition, and has presented on ethical issues locally, nationally and internationally.

Mike is originally from Chicago and currently resides in St. Louis with his wife, Jeanne, and their three children, Noah, Grace and Ellie.

Susan O’Leary

Susan O’Leary lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Denny. They have been married for 43 years, have six children and 15 grandchildren. Together, they collaborated in writing the amazing story of their lives, Overwhelming Odds. This is the story of how an idyllic life was changed by a tragic event. It is a story that tells of gaining clarity on what really matters in life and that provides a beacon of hope for others. The book has been described as a “masterpiece of emotion.”

Susan earned her degree in secondary education and has taken graduate level courses at The Aquinas Institute. She is a sought after inspirational speaker who also has worked tirelessly for organizations such as the Archdiocese Youth Ministry Council, Life in the Spirit and Renew.


The exhibit area will be open during breaks and lunch. Please take this opportunity to view  the newest and most up-to-date products, services and technologies available in the  complex and challenging fields of nursing and medicine.

We wish to thank our exhibitors for their participation and support of this conference.

Gold Exhibitors

Silver Exhibitors

  • Barnes Jewish Hospital
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Bronze Exhibitors

  • Breastfeeding Support Services, Inc.
  • Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank
  • Medela, Inc.
  • MMS A Medical Supply Company
  • TLC Medical

Additional Exhibitors

Registration and Fees

Registrations will not be accepted without payment.

Conference tuition Sept. 7 and before | $85

Tuition after Sept. 8 | $100

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You may also call 1-866-SSM-DOCS to register with a credit card. Please be ready with your workshop choices.

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Return registration form included in the PDF brochure above with check or money order made payable to:

SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center

Mail to:

Patti Oberkirsch/Perinatal Outreach
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
1465 South Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63104

No refunds will be given after Sept. 8. Alternate attendees are allowed. Refund checks will be mailed after the conference.

Plesae call 314-577-5317 with any questions about registration or payment.

Faculty and Committee Members 

Lynn Barts, MA, CIMI**
Regional Training Consultant
Illinois Early Intervention Training Program
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Social-Emotional Consultant
Child and Family Connections 21
O’Fallon, IL

Glenn Barber, RNC, BSN**
Perinatal Outreach Educator
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
St. Louis, MO

Jennifer Barrett-Zitkus, MEd
Regional Training Consultant
Early Intervention Training Program
University of Illinois
Round Lake, IL

Diane Bibb, MSN, RNC, IBCLC
Clinical Educator/Lactation Consultant
Hannibal Regional Hospital
Hannibal, MO

Christen R. Brockner, MA, LPC, ICDVCP
Child Therapist
Phoenix Crisis Center-Safe from the Start
Granite City, IL

Perinatal Outreach Education Coordinator
Loyola University
Chicago, IL

Toni Clark, RN, BSN**
Transport Nurse
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
St. Louis, MO

Rebecca Cline, RN**
Staff Nurse - Nursery
Anderson Hospital
Maryville, IL

Enone Collier, RN**
Staff Nurse – Labor & Delivery, Postpartum
Touchette Regional Hospital
Centreville, IL

Molly Fassbinder, RN, C-EFM, CLC**
Staff Nurse, Labor and Delivery
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
Belleville, IL

Jessica Garrett, RN, BSN**
Outreach Coordinator, Women and Infants
Barnes Jewish Hospital
St. Louis, MO

Barbara Garrison, RNC, BSN**
Outreach Coordinator - NICU
St. Louis Children’s Hospital
St. Louis, MO

Robyn Gude, RN, MSN**
Network Administrator
Southern Illinois Perinatal Program
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
St. Louis, MO

Sherrie M. Hauft, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Washington University School of Medicine
Neonatologist, St. Louis Children’s Hospital
St. Louis, MO

Mary Hope, RN, BSN**
Perinatal Outreach Educator
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
St. Louis, MO

Renee Junker, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM**
Obstetrics Nurse Clinician
Memorial Hospital
Belleville, IL

Barbara L. Leighton, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chief, Section of Obstetric Anesthesiology
Director, Obstetric Anesthesiology
Washington University
St. Louis, MO

Joan Luby, MD
Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Early Emotional
Development Program
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

Carolyn Mank, BSN,RN, IBCLC**
Clinical Nurse Educator
Barnes Jewish Hospital
St. Louis, MO

Andrea Mueller, RN, MSN**
Certified Child Care Nurse Consultant
St. Clair County Health Department
Belleville, IL

Patricia Nash, RNC, NNP, MSN
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s
Medical Center
St. Louis, MO

Thinh Nguyen, MD
Assistant Professor
Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine
St. Louis University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

Susan O’Leary
Motivational Speaker and Author
“Rising Above”
St. Louis, MO

Michael R. Panicola, PhD
Senior Vice President
Mission, Legal and Government Affairs
SSM Health Care
St. Louis, MO

Pam Randazzo, RNC, BSN**
Perinatal Outreach Educator
SSM St. Mary’s Health Center
St. Louis, MO

Theresa Schultz, BSN**
Director of Women and Newborn Services
Touchette Regional Hospital
Centreville, IL

Kristi Schwantner, MS, CCC-SLP**
Early Intervention Technical
Assistance Team
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s
Medical Center
St. Louis, MO

Kimberly Spence, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
St. Louis University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

Connie Thompson, RNC, BSN**
Perinatal Outreach Educator
SSM St. Mary’s Health Center
St. Louis, MO

Alisa Williams, RN, MSN, IBCLC, RLC**
Perinatal Nurse Educator/Lactation
Anderson Hospital Pavilion for Women
Maryville, IL

Judy Wilson-Griffin, RNC-OB, C-EFM**
Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist
SSM St. Mary’s Health Center
St. Louis, MO

Emily M. York, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC
Southern Illinois Healthcare
Special Care Nursery/Pediatrics Educator
Carbondale, IL


** Indicates planning committee member



Missouri Nurses Association
1.0 credit hour per session attended will be awarded for a possible total of 5.0 credit hours. SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Missouri Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC). This approval does not imply ANCC Commission on Accreditation or MONA approval or endorsement of any commercial products displayed with this offering.

Early Intervention Credits (EI)
Sessions listed with (EI) at the end of the workshop description have been submitted for approval by the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program. Please see the IL Training Program website for approval updates.

Physicians will receive a certificate of attendance. CME credits are not available.


The Southern Illinois Perinatal Program at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, SSM St. Mary’s Health Center and Saint Louis University School of Medicine

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