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Patient Wish List - Making Donations


Donations may be dropped off at the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation office anytime between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Infection control and patient privacy measures prevent us from allowing members of the community to distribute donations directly to patient rooms.

Please contact Laura Perano at the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation for more information regarding donations. You can reach her at (314) 678-6627 or by email at, for more information regarding donations.

For the health and safety of our patients, we cannot accept the following:

  •  No food, beverages or candy
  • No used toys or gift-wrapped items
  • No products containing latex, toxic/lead based paints, or glass
  • No stuffed animals (unless they are brand new and in a sealed package)
  • No religion-themed items
  • No guns, swords or other violent toys

 * denotes items that are most popular with our patients.

For All Ages

 *Anything Cardinals  *Gift cards: Target, Old Navy, Toys ‘r Us, etc
 *Socks (infant to adult sizes)  *Removable Wall Stickers
 Underwear (toddler to teen)  *Bubbles
 *Party blowers/whistles/kazoos  *"I Spy" Books or anything similar
 Disposable cameras  Jigsaw Puzzles (for toddlers to teens)
 Disco balls/lava lamps  Board games (from toddlers to teens)
 *Travel size toiletries  *Books (from toddlers to teens)
 *Nail polish & remover  Large gift bags (for patient birthdays)
Arcade game (bubble hockey
or skeeball)

Video and Media

 *DVD or VHS recent movies
 Video game systems and games (“E” rated)
 Popular Music CDs  CD Walkmans/mp3 players
 *Relaxing music CDs  *Laptop Computers
 Hand-held video games  


 Magnetic letters (refrigerator toys & letters)
 *Teething Rings
 Bath tub toys:  boats, rubber ducks, squirt toys
 *Toys that light up or make music
 Sunglasses in child sizes
 Music boxes for baby cribs  Crib gyms
 *Mobiles  Bouncy seats
 *Infant mirrors  Mats
 Bumbo seats  Baby swings

School Age

Play-Doh and Moon Sand
Musical instruments
*Coloring books Action figures
*Scissors *Baby dolls (all ethnicities)
*Glue sticks Bratz Dolls, Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet Shop
Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint
Play jewelry, stick on earrings, dress-up games for girls
Construction paper/ sketch pads *Legos
Stickers *Remote control cars without cords
Books that make sounds View-Masters
Cars and trucks


*Fuzzy Posters (velvet with markers)
*Alphabet beads & glass beads
*Paint by Numbers Elastic cord and clasps (for jewelry making)
Gel Pens
*Decks of playing cards
Journals *UNO, 
*Nerf indoor basketball hoops
Phase Ten
Wood crafts to paint
Scrapbooking materials *Skip BO
*Art Kits:  beads, sand art and jewelry Indoor dart boards
Dry erase boards Snap together models (all skill levels)


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