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NICU Noon Conferences

Troubleshooting Questions


Please note that we are happy to help with any of the problems you ever encouter, however, sometimes it may be best to contact your location's IT department.

Cheri Greer: 314.604.0865 * Katelyn Ideus: 402.659.5886


This is what you should see. This should fill your entire your entire browser window.

Black portion: Presenter Window

"Term Infant with Respiratory Distress": Slide Window

The presentation window doesn't fit on my computer screen. You may have a resolution problem.

  1. Go to computer desktop.
  2. Right click and go to "Properties." If if doesn't let you in, you'll need to call your IT for access.
  3. Small window will appear. Click on the "Settings" tab.
  4. Left-hand side will show computer resolution. Adjust slider to be 768x1024.
  5. Click "Apply."
  6. Click "OK."

The presentation windown doesn't fit on my projector screen. You may have a resolution problem. If the window appears correct on your computer screen, call your IT for help in adjusting your projector. If the window doesn't appear correctly on your computer screen try steps above.

The presenter video is taking up the entire presentation window. Just press "Esc" on the keyboard (upper left of the keyboard).

The presenter video won't start/ keeps buffering/transitioning. There are several things you can try. Do them in the following order:

  1. Click play button under Presenter Window.
  2. Refresh your browser.
  3. Close all browser windows and reopen. This will require you to back to the Coordinator Homepage - - and click the "Presentation Link."
  4. Restart Computer
  5. Check Network Settings: Call your IT.
  6. Check for Media Player: Call your IT.

The presenter looks very dark: The presentation window may be effected by the projector. Try adjusting the brightness and contrast settings.  


Audio will not be at its best until you have External Speakers.

I have no/low audio.

  1. Under the Presenter's Window there is a volume icon and ball that can slide left to right. Make sure it's all the way to the right.
  2. Adjust your computer's volume by double clicking the volume icon on the bottom right of your computer screen (by the clock). Pull all the sliders up and make sure the "Mute" box isn't checked.
  3. If you don't see the volume icon, go to the "Start" menu, Control Panel, Click "Sounds" or "Sounds Settings" and check the box that says "place on desktop menu." Then double click the volume icon and make sure all sliders are pulled up and the "Mute" box isn't checked.

My external speaker volume is low. Are they plugged in? Are they turned on? Are they turned up?

Presentation Stops

Go to the Coordinator Homepage - - and check the blue "Status Bar." If you there are no instructions, call Cheri ASAP at 314.604.0865.