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NICU Frequently Asked Questions 


1.  When can my baby go home?

Your baby will be ready to go home when they are eating well, growing well, maintaining their own temperature, breathing without episodes of apnea and breathing comfortably with little  or no oxygen.


2.  What is chronological age and corrected age?

Babies born before 38 weeks are considered "preterm" and have two birthdays to celebrate.  Chronological age is their actual birth date.  Corrected age takes into consideration the months your baby was born early and their age now.  Example:  If your baby was born 2 months early and his chronological age is 6 months, his corrected age is four months.  As a parent you might find it hard to compare your child to other children.  Just remember that they may not "act their age" for awhile.  All children develop and grow at their own pace.


3.  Will I be able to stay with my baby while they are in the NICU?

In our new NICU your baby will have their own private room (with the exception of multiples) and there is a sofa bed in the room for one parent to sleep.  Parents are able to visit their baby 24 hours a day.  We also provide a parent lounge and showers to add a special touch of comfort to make your stay as pleasant as possible

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