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Poison Center 


Welcome to the Missouri Poison Center at
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.


Top 10 Categories of Exposure

Just about anything can be toxic if taken in an incorrect amount or improper manner. Exposures can be ingestions, on the skin, in the eye, inhaled or under the skin.

There are, however, some substances that are more often involved in exposures that are handled at the Poison Center. The top 10 for children in 2009 included:

  1. Cosmetics/personal care products

  2. Analgesics

  3. Cleaning substances (household)

  4. Topical preparations

  5. Foreign bodies/toys/miscellaneous

  6. Pesticides

  7. Antihistamines

  8. Vitamins

  9. Cold and cough preparations

  10. Antimicrobials


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