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Nurses practice the dual role of teacher every day, passing their knowledge to their patients as well as their colleagues. Valerie Middendorf, clinical support nurse on 4 North, has been recognized for her exceptional coaching abilities as Mentor of the Year.
“During her five years on 4 North, Valerie has never hesitated to care for complex patients and use many circumstances as education moments for other nurses,” said Leann Zerkel, vice president of Nursing. “She acts as a mentor and coach to all the staff but works even more closely with newer staff members, who do not yet have her experience and clinical knowledge for hematology/oncology patients. She is really a resource to the other staff members, and she takes her job very seriously.”
Middendorf stepped up to become a leader for 4 North during a time of tremendous change. As a CSN, she works hard to help staff provide the safest and best care possible. She has been a chair of the unit-based safety and satisfaction team for the past year and works closely with other CSNs. Middendorf continuously works to improve patient safety and satisfaction and inspires others by being a role model of providing the best care.
Mentor of the Year’s incredible nominees were: Allison Coppin, TCU; Linda Fecenko, PICU; Jean Meador, 3 South; and Laura Richter, 3 South.

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