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Congratulations to our winners in the Summer 2007 STL SuperKids poem contest!

Kaytlin, 12, of Fenton and Adam, 7, of St. Louis, both received summer fun packs that included four tickets to Raging Rivers Waterpark. Their poems, along with all 31 entries, are printed below. Check your mail in September for the fall issue of STL SuperKids, for more contests and your chance to win!


Dance with the sea

Walks on the beach
Days in the sun
Swims in the ocean
Come on every one
You know you enjoy it
Whether you’re younger or older
So have a good time
Before the weather gets colder
Splash in the ocean
Dive with the sea
Don’t hide from the fun
Come here and you’ll see
The sun is burning
It’s 90 degrees
There’s lots to discover
You just wait and see
We’re splashing
We’re tanning
We’re laughing
We’re fanning
We’re having so much fun
We can hardly breathe
The ocean is calling
The waves are all falling
So come and be happy
And dance with the sea

Kaytlin, Age 12

Going down to the swimming hole.
Smooth water. A little cold.
Lots of teeny baby fish.
With all my cousins.
An awesome wish.

Adam, Age 7

Swimming On Those Hot Summer Days

I say “can
we take a
swim!” My
mom says
“yes,” I will
jump in!
I get out!
There, dripping
wet, a time
I could never
forget. Anyone
for ice cream?

Melody, Age 6 ½


Summer, when you think about it,
It’s not just a season.

It’s a time to get out
And have fun

It’s a time for couch potatoes
To get out and exercise.

Summer’s a time to ge together,
Talk with people.

Summer to me is not just a season,
It’s my birthday.

July 12 is not just my birthday,
This day 40 years ago the etch-a-sketch was made.

1997 the year I was born was when,
William J. Clinton was president.

And 300 years before my birthday
President George Washington was president.



Summer is nice,
Summer is sweet.
It’s as sweet as a tasty treat.
Such as a popsicle, tasty and sweet
It’s the perfect treat for me to eat!
Summer is so beautiful
The sun shines so bright.
Flowers open up so pretty
And fireflies fly in the night.
Buzzing around is what they like to do,
To light up the night for me and you.
Pools are fun, sprinklers too,
Getting you wet is what they do.
My favorite part of summer
Is when I get to catch creatures
Like lizards and butterflies, how about you?

Shelby, Age 8

Summer Time

Crisp cool pool
Fritze’s icecream rules
My mom jumps into the cold water
Joining me in the pool… her daughter
Sweat rushes off my hot tomato red face
As I very quickly tie my dirty show lace
We are losing the game and then… wham
I, me, I hit the biggest grandslam
As you can guess we won the awesome game
And I’m the one to blame for the other team’s shame
I was so excited I almost screamed
We won which means we get icecream
I absolutely positively love summer time
Loving it is definitely no crime

Taylor, Age 10


Summertime is so much fun,
Sunscreen smell upon my skin,
Swimming in the pool all day,
Swimsuits, sun glasses and some friends,
Sweets and treats that never last,
So many memories upon which I will look back,
Summertime is my best friend and that’s
why I wish it would never end

Emily, Age 15

Sandy Beaches

I dream of sandy beaches
And seashells on the shore
The castle fever catches
Scallops, conches, hermit crabs and more

On the way to see it all
We got lost along the road
Unable to play beach ball
The thought was such a load

We saw the beach before us
When finally we arrived
We watched the tide go up and down
And got an ocean ride

I watched the seabirds walk
And search the ocean wide
In hopes of catching a thing to eat
Before the tide had died

But when the sun was going down
The sea birds walke d the shore
The tide came up to reach his goal
My castles were no more

Maria, Age 10

Insects in Summer

There are so many insects,
All around the world,
And the blessed one who mad them,
Is my loving Lord.

The pretty little butterfly,
To the buzzing bee,
But some we do not love too much,
Like the mosquito and the flea.

I like the little caterpillar,
I really love them so,
And once when I was little,
I really named one Mo!

I like the little spider,
He’s always crawling here and there,
He makes a home of stingy stuff,
But sometimes it might tear.
But I love all the insects,
I love them one and all,
And whenever I am with them,
I always have a ball!

Elizabeth, Age 10


In the hot, summer sun
I have lots of fun.
I run through the sprinkler as fast s I can,
holding my popsicle tight in my hand.
I run to the pool to get in it first.
With a splish and a splash,
I have lots fun
As I float on my raft,
I think of the fun times that I’ve had.
That’s the end of my summer.
My, my – that went fast!

Ashley, Age 6


Sinking Summer

My little boat, it will not float,
Across the sea with me.
Standing waist deep in the water,
I realized I wasn’t much a plotter.
Now at the bow I see a bee,
It takes me back to land,
Where surely I can stand,
With other kids like me.


Summer Sun

A summer lion,
Your mane of flames glows brightly,
Rise, become a star.


Beach Ball

I’m round you seem
The children stand, in the sand,
And like to play with me.
They hit me back and forth,
Until I drift off to sea,
If you know me well my names starts with a B.

Andrew, Age 13

STL SuperKids:
Meaning of Summer

Summer means a lot of things to me. Such as the
Ice cream means a cooler me, and a swimming pool
means more friends.
When road trips show you more great landmarks and
vacations mean more hugs from Mickey or maybe Bugs
Summer is a time when family reunions are something
special and Birthdays are so exciting.  When school is a
past memory and recess is every day of the hour.  But
the most important meaning of summer for me…
is never forgetting those priceless memories you shared
with the people you love.

Amber, Age 13


Baseball catcher thats what I like to do
Dad’s the pitcher
Mom’s the clapper and my sister Anna too
We fill the park
Joe, Stephanie, Ian, and Spencer
Until its dark

Joe, Age 5

Bike Rodeo

Check the bike
Not too tall
Brakes and reflectors all
Ride the course
Miss the cones
Stay in the circle
Turn left
Turn right
The policeman said act like a car
Raise your hand
Ride on the right
And pass my big sister on the left!

Jack, Age 7

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