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Molecular Cytogenetics - Types of Tests 

Welcome to the Molecular Cytogenetics Laboratory at
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.

Medicare Provider #: 26-3300
CAP #: 19214-01
CLIA #: 26D0045275

 Cytogenetic Testing:
 Molecular Testing:

Postnatal      - Stat Blood
                      - Routine Blood
                      - High Resolution
                      - Fragile-X
                      - Induced breakage study
                        (ex: Fanconi Anemia, 
                        Ataxia telangectasia)
                      - Skin biopsy
                      - Products of Conception

    - Williams Syndrome
                       - Prader-Willi Syndrome
                       - Angleman Syndrome
                       - Miller-Dieker Syndrome
                       - Smith-Magenis Syndrome
                       - Di George Syndrome,
                         Velo-cardiofacial Syndrome
                       - Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome
                       - Other syndromes,
                          FISH arranged upon request
 Prenatal       - Amniotic Fluid
                      - Chorionic Villus Sampling
                      - Fetal Cord Blood
Cancer Specific     - CML: ABL-BCR
                              - AML-M3: PML-RARA
                              - MLL (11) (q23)

 Cancer          - Bone Marrow
                      - Oncology Blood
                      - Solid Tumor
                      - Lymph Node
                      - Pleural Effusion
                      - Core Biopsy

Aneuploidy            - Prenatal specimen to rule
                                out common aneuploidy
                                (18), (13), (21), X and Y
                             - Postnatal specimen to rule out
                               any aneuploid chromosome
                             - Cancer specimen to rule out
                                any aneuploid chromosome
Miscellaneous     - Set Up EB
                              Cell Line
                            - Cell Line
Or Marker
                - Painting probe for any
  Direct                       - Fragile-X DNA:
                                   FRAXA & FRAXE
  Molecular Testing    - Prader-Willi/Angelman
                                   Uniparental Disomy
                                 - Several cancer rearrangements
                                   upon request


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