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Hemophilia Homecare Service 

Welcome to The John D. Bouhasin, M.D. Center for Children with Bleeding Disorders at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.

Comprehensive Care from Our Door to Yours

Homecare service offered at The John D. Bouhasin, M.D. Center for Children with Bleeding Disorders at Cardinal Glennon provides peace of mind and convenience in treating children with hemophilia. Our Center offers:   

      Comprehensive care of bleeding disorders

      Individualized treatment plans

      Educational sessions and social gatherings for patients and families

      Therapy monitoring

      Convenient medication delivery to your home

      Personalized products

      Reimbursement assistance

      Dedicated full-time staff 

Contact Us

Please call 314-577-5332 for more information or e-mail our Medical Secretary Diane Migneco.

Additional Resources

Watch videos about How the Body Works and learn about your child's health in our KidsHealth library and resource center.

Meet the Team

Our team can develop personalized treatment plans for children that are monitored regularly.  With personalized products like clotting factor, oral/injectable medications, infusion supplies/ancillaries, protective gear, travel cases and medical identification jewelry, families are assured that their children are receiving the highest quality of care available. 

John Puetz, MD
Clinical Director

Chris Hugge, MD
Administrative Director

Ed Wittgen, MD

Pam Miller, PT
Physical Therapist

Valerie Akerson, LMSW 
Pediatric-licensed Social Worker

Lydia Johnson, RN, BSN
Hemostasis Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Kathy Maxwell, RN, BSN, CCRP
Research Nurse

Denise Schmidt, CCLS
Child Life Specialist


340B Waiver Program of the Federal Government

In collaboration with Bio Partners in Care (formerly Accredo Health), a nationally recognized leader in the provision of medication for bleeding disorders, medications can be delivered to a patient’s home as prescribed by their Glennon physician. This is possible due to participation in a government program which allows the center to utilize reimbursement to support the needs of Cardinal Glennon hemophilia patients.  By choosing to receive medication from this new program, you will be helping Cardinal Glennon, and more importantly, your child!

To Participate

Please fill out the Patient Choice Form to indicate your desire to participate in this new homecare medication service and e-mail to Diane Migneco.


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