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Referral, evaluation and intake process 

Here’s what you can expect along the way as you and your child work through the referral, evaluation and intake processes.

  1. Your child’s primary care doctor makes a referral along with a prescription for speech therapy and occupational therapy evaluation purposes (not for treatment).
  2. Your family is contacted by KOC staff to confirm the referral. They will also review options for completing the Parent Intake Packet and the Teacher/Therapist Packet. Both packets can be downloaded from this page or can be mailed to the parent’s home.
  3. You will complete and return the Parent Intake Packet.
  4. Your child’s teacher or therapist will complete and return the Teacher/Therapist Packet.
  5. Our Family Resource Specialist will contact you by mail to confirm the arrival of Parent Intake packet.
  6. The evaluation team will review the intake packets.
  7. KOC staff will contact the family by phone to set up an appointment. Or, if the evaluation team determines that your child would be better served elsewhere, the KOC will advise you of alternative resources and services to consider.
  8. You will receive an appointment confirmation with the date and time of the appointment by mail.
  9. You and your child will come for your first appointment!
    1. This first appointment can last up to three hours.
    2. If possible, we recommend two adults be there for the appointment.
    3. We suggest you bring small toys, blankets, snacks or books to keep your child comfortable.

Accessing paperwork

To be evaluated for treatment, each child needs to have the following paper work submitted. Click the links to open, download, fill out and save the PDF forms.

  1. Physician Referral Form
    To be filled out by the pediatrician’s office, this referral should also come with a prescription for speech therapy and occupational therapy evaluations.
  2. Parent Intake Packet
    To be filled out by your child’s parents or guardians.
  3. Teacher/Therapist Packet
    To be filled out by your child’s teacher if your child is of school age, or by their therapist (OT, PT, SLP or Developmental) if they’re currently being treated.

Returning paperwork

By mail

Knights of Columbus Developmental Center
Attn: Intake & Evaluation Team
3800 Park Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

By fax


By email

What can I do while I wait for evaluation?

The referral and intake process is designed to help us learn about each patient’s needs and each family’s concerns so we can best plan for treatment. Early intervention is important and we understand the urgency you may feel to have your child evaluated.

Collecting and reviewing information from guardians, primary doctors and teachers/therapists is very important to making sure each child receives a quality evaluation. This can take some time, but we make every effort to review each child’s intake packets as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

There will be a waiting period before you hear from us. Here are some resources to consider while you wait to hear from our scheduling staff.

For children under age 3:

Consider enrolling your child with Parents As Teachers by contacting your local school district. Contact your local early intervention program:

  • St. Louis: First Steps 314-435-9203
  • Missouri: First Steps 866-583-2392
  • Illinois: Child and Family Connections 1-800-323-4769

For children over age 3:

Contact the Special Education Program of your local school District.


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