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Pediatric Anesthesiology 

We strive to provide your child with the most comfortable conditions for his or her treatment. The main role of an anesthesiologist is to maintain a safe and relaxed state for your child during medical procedures. Many children feel anxious about their upcoming surgeries, which is perfectly normal. Our anesthesiologists will meet with your family beforehand to help alleviate some of the stress associated with having surgery and begin monitoring your child’s vital signs.

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Children who are old enough to make decisions are generally given two options for anesthesia. It can be administered intravenously (with an IV) or through a mask. Emergency surgeries and certain medical conditions (such as breathing difficulties) require the use of an IV.

When using the mask, a variety of scents is available for your child, including: mango, banana cream, bubblegum, strawberry, and root beer. These decisions may help your child feel like he or she has some control over the procedure, making it easier to handle.

Your child’s surgeon or anesthesiologist should be informed about any changes in your child’s condition prior to the procedure, such as an upper respiratory infection. It is also important to tell the anesthesiologist if your child has had a negative reaction to anesthesia in the past or if your family has any history of anesthesia-related problems.

The anesthesiologists at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon see more than 9,000 patients per year. The techniques, medicines, and monitoring procedures are continually being enhanced to provide the best care possible for the children we serve.

Additional Resources

Society for Pediatric Anesthesia

Watch a video message from our Medical Director, Dr. Brenda McClain

Meet the Team

Brenda McClain, MD, DABPM - Medical Director, Chief Pediatric Anesthesiologist

Naila Ahmad, MD - Director, Cardiac Anesthesia

Farid Azzam, MD

Vipin Bansel, MD

James DeBoard, MD - Director of Operations

Tatyana Demidovich, MD - Quality Assurance Officer

Julio Olaya, MD - Director, Acute Pain Service

Orlando Perez-Franco, MD - Clinical Coordinator

Marion Svendrowski, MD

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